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Daotian R&D Center-product Application Market

Daotian R & D center was established in 2009, since its establishment, based on advanced materials and advanced processing field, it is committed to the research and development of new technologies and new products. After the efforts of all the researchers, it has achieved international invention patent of ¨Manufacturing Method for Metal or Ceramic Bond Super-hard Abrasive Tools〃, national invention patent of ¨Manufacturing Method of One Kind Diamond Roller〃 and other national and international invention patents. In 2011, the company won the reward of National Technology Innovation Fund for its ¨Ultra Hard Abrasive Drills with Liquid Media〃. The creative achievements of Daotian R & D Center play the role of incubator for update of the company's technology and product.


High precision guiderail grinder

Precision EDM center

High precision diamond roller dressing machine

Vacuum alloy plating products

Ceramic coating products

Diamond wire saw product

Sic ceramics break system


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