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GTR Nismo! 2015 Skyline Nismo most anticipated Nissan Super Car in 2014!

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GT-R Skyline Car Insurance? 2015 GTR Nismo will be America’s most expensive Auto Car to Insure!

GT-R Skyline Car Insurance? 2015 GTR Nismo will be America’s most expensive Auto Car to Insure!

Over the past few years, the Nissan GT-R has been America’s most expensive auto car to find insurance for.  Topping out at well over $2,500 average across various states in the US.  Of course, Auto insurance will range depending on where you live, your previous driving history, age, accidents, auto car lawyers/attorneys that help keep your rate low, etc… however; it is to no surprise that the 2015 GT-R Skyline Nismo will be a record breaker when it comes to insuring.  600HP super car at factory production will scare any insurer/ insurance company quoting your much anticipated answer.  We all know the top Insurer’s in America (Geico, Progressive/E-ssurance, etc); but we all are not aware of tricks to drive your rate down, even on owning a super car.  Most insurance companies will not want to miss out on your potential $4,000+ premium to keep this GT-R Nismo road worthy.

2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo (R35) Auto Insurance Car Accident GTR Skyline Nismo Car Accident Lawyer Attorney Insurance



If you can afford the cost of the 2015 R35 Nissan GT-R Nismo Skyline, then you can likely afford expensive insurance and expensive auto attorneys on retainer; however, you may still be displeased with the auto insurance rate you are being quoted.  If you have been a long time member of a large auto insurer, you may have luck complaining and speaking to supervisor over supervisor.  If you are as lucky as me, you will finally get them to say they have a “new program in your state” that will drop your insurance rate down by 75% to avoid loosing your business to another company.

You might have better luck finding a specialty/collectors insurance company like American Auto Insurance or Riley rather than State Farm, Allstate Insurance, etc; however, they may or may not consider the GTR Nismo, let alone a standard R35 GT-R.  Whether or not you are looking for a large auto insurance company or a small one, be sure to have any car accident attorneys available to keep your rate low in case any unforeseen incidents!  We all know (especially Nissan GTR owners) that having driving tickets under the age of 30 will maintain a very high insurance premium (average $1000 deductible) with any major or non major insurance corporation.

As all GT-R owners are aware of driving one of, if not the most expensive auto car to find insurance for; it is important to keep these following tips that will be subject to changing your insurance premium quote:
Your age- younger much worse than older
Your address- urban much worse than suburban/rural
Your sex/gender- males much worse than female
You insurance carrier – length of using them / loyalty
Marital status- singe is worse than married/family
Credit Rating- self explanatory
Auto Car History- New/Used/Restored/Salvage, etc
Your personal driving record- self explanatory
Your ability to get various discounts - multi-car, home and car, etc.
Higher deductibles- lower rates [low deductible = higher rates]
Higher levels of coverage- higher rates, etc
Weekend/Personal use- lower rates vs daily driver/commute car
Expected Miles Driven/Year- lower miles expected to drive = less chance of getting in an accident = lower rate

Some insurance companies take different variables into consideration, so just expect to disclose all of the above information when obtaining quotes from a variety of insurance providers.

Another interesting topic to take note of are professions that hold the worst drivers (highest to insure)!

Top 10 Most Dangerous Drivers by Profession*

Financial professionals
Government worker (GS6)
Bartender or Waiter
Business Professionals
Marketing/Advertising Professionals
Dog Groomer

Now that we covered a few interesting points for those expecting to purchase a 2015 R35 Nissan GTR Nismo, please keep in mind that there are people out there that desperately need a car and would benefit greatly from any vehicle donations of old cars you no longer need.  Of course, no one is expecting a GTR R35 to be donated; however, if you have any beater / rust bucket vehicles, it is a very kind gesture (and tax write off) to give/donate a vehicle to those in need!!!!


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First 2015 GTR Nismo Bought and Delivered to new Owner!

First 2015 GTR Nismo Bought and Delivered to new Owner!

History is made in the following video to one of the first new owners of the 2015 R35 Nissan GT-R Nismo (N-attack).

The new owner is none other than Japanese- Shoko Ohara and he is proud to have one of the first deliveries of the Nissan GT-R NISMO, a roll out showcasing the move from the performance track to private ownership. Race driver Masataka Yanagida presented the new Nismo GTR Skyline to Mr. Ohara; and Mr. Yanagida tought him many techniques to enjoy the performance of the new R35 Skyline Nismo edition.

As stated in the video, and wife of a man willing to spend over $150k on a super car may have complaints and question the seriousness of such a purchase.  However, this vehicle is every mans dream not made for the everyday man.  The proud new owner stated that he was supporting the famous Japanese race car driver by purchasing the new 2015 GT-R Nismo, and that his purchase would go a far way in support for the race circuit – so he was determined to get one of the first batches off of the production line in Tokyo.

“Today, I am really happy to have it”, says Mr. Ohara… and we are positive he will feel the same way tomorrow and every day that follows.  He goes on to say how motivated he has become [by owning such a super car], and that he will continue to work hard on his business for his grandchildren (and to support such a luxury purchase).

Many big changes occur with the Nismo version, especially noticeable with the suspension and chassis. Mr. Ohara is so pleased and proud to be a Nismo GTR owner; he feels his wife will feel the same way and notice the differences made possible in this vehicle.

The GTR Nismo has many similarities to the GTR Super GT Race Car; so it is not to be tempted by the average driver, you must have skill and diligence to master handling this super car.

Enjoy the first delivery ever of the 2015 Nissan GTR Skyline, and dream big!  Americans will be able to pre-order immediately and get their deliveries mid to late summer (July 2014)!

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Rare peak at the New 2015 R35 GT-R Nismo Skyline! Video!

Rare peak at the New 2015 R35 GT-R Nismo Skyline! Video!

We aim to please, and the truth is…. the GT-R Nismo has yet to really hit the streets.  the 2015 skyline nismo has hit the Japan market early this month, and not many enthusiasts are sharing their delight on the net for others to admire.  We only expect 600-1000 nismo edition r35′s to be produced world wide; however, at $150k, the GT-R will hit the United States market in July and American – Nissan enthusiasts will be more than delighted to show off their precious GT-R Nismo  that no others can afford or beat in a race.  Until the day comes that we can see the light of every nismo color option available off production, as well as all the modified nismo’s that will be transformed in the hands of the owners; we are left with little but thoughts and searches on the brand new Nissan GT-R Nismo (considered 2015 R35 model).

I will be posting more updates soon on what to expect over the Spring and any sneak peaks available… we hope to get an interview shortly with one of the first GT-R Nismo owners in the world.  Until then, keep checking out insurance quotes incase you really have your heart set on owning one of these skyline godzillas this year!

(My apologies that the GT-R Nismo short video is in Japanese)  Please note the Black GTR showcased is actually a 2014 model and not the nismo edition that is shown a few other times throughout the feature.

By the way, thank you for the support from fans, feel free to check out our Facebook Page – Nissan GTR Nismo!

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2015 GT-R Nismo R35 Release this week in Japan! 1000 HP modifications begin – Will there be a 2000 HP Nissan GTR Skyline this year?!

2015 GT-R Nismo R35 Release this week in Japan! 1000 HP modifications begin – Will there be a 2000 HP Nissan GTR Skyline this year?!

This week (last week in February 2014), Nissan will be releasing the 2015 R35 GT-R Nismo Skyline in Japan.  This monster super car will hit the streets of tokyo, and modifications will soon surpass previous 1000 hp GTR models, such as the Greddy 35RX pictured below.  Even 2000 HP is not too far of a reach for the R35 Nismo Skyline after a few modifications and tweaks to the powerful engine.
1000 hp GT-R Nissan R35(Greddy 35RX Nissan GT-R featuring BenSopra widebody bodykit)

Production is finally finished on the 2015 GTR R35 Nismo, and the worldwide audience cannot wait to get the final sneak peak before getting a chance to own one in their local market.  We have yet to hear which countries will be capable of importing this GTR super car.  We know the Europeans and Americans will have their shot at owning one later this year in Summer or Fall of 2014.  Owners in Australia and the Middle East are trying to figure out the effort involved in importing one into their territory; however, we still have yet to hear how many Nismo Skylines (2015 R35) will even be produced.  At a price of nearly 130,000 Euro or $200,000 US dollars MSRP; the niche market of an already expensive (and incredibly fast AWD super car) is relatively small.  Almost doubling in price of the 2013 or 2014 R35 GT-R, the Nismo Skyline really packs the punch and the extra additions (not just the price) explain why.

Soon to be owners (potentially 1000 GT-R Nismo owners worldwide), will be few and far between to modify their already tweaked 600hp nismo R35.  We know the standard and track r35 gt-r’s can easily surpass 1000hp with enough fine tuning and modifications.  With the Nismo edition revealing this week in Japan, we expect before Americans or Europeans can even touch or see one in person; the Japanese will be showcasing their 1500-2000 HP tweaked and modified 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo edition R35.

Just recently, there has been an uprising interest in the R35 Nismo Skyline, because there hasn’t been much talk since nov 2013 at the Tokyo Auto Show in Detroit.  Some of the die hard Nissan GT-R fans have been watching every bit of news since the original statement in May 2013.  Not many pictures or videos have surfaced other than the famous revealing and German track record; however, this will change shortly once we have some original nismo gtr owners showcasing their purchases.

Many nismo r35 gt-r’s already have Purchase Orders paid for and ready to be shipped or picked up by their soon to be owners in Japan.  For such an innovative and fast automobile, not the every day average Joe can even buy one (even if he had the dough!). The initial selection process of fulfilling purchase orders can be rather hideous unless you are paying straight cash!~

Even the most affluent buyers don’t anticipate throwing down the cash all at once, as financing always allows cash flow to stay rolling.  Although, we can anticipate insurance costs for the 2015 GT-R nismo to be above average to the standard GTR cars.  Now now, there is no way a high insurance premium is going to scare off potential buyers affluent enough to throw $200k down on an automobile they may rarely take out of the garage; however, it is definitely something us modest people would consider.

With this update, we will keep our eyes on the streets in Japan and reveal some of the first 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo models (r35) that hit the street with their proud drivers.  We know the colors (colours) – although we have yet to see pictures of several options, we expect the price, we know the aerodynamics and engine tuning specs… now we need to see the audience and target market really showcase their purchases and begin to tweak an already amazing off-production automobile.

Stay tuned (@ for the first sneak peak of the soon to be released 2015 R35 GTR Skyline Nismo!

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Nissan GT-R Nismo Release: When and Where?

Nissan GT-R Nismo Release: When and Where?

Brilliant White Pearl – 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo R35

GTR Nismo Skyline Girl


Every one wants to know “When will the GT-R Nismo be released for Sale?” and “What countries will this Nismo Skyline be available to buy?

We already know and anticipate the 2015 Nismo Skyline’s will be available for sale in Japan later this month, in February 2014.  This is very exciting for everyone world wide to get a final sneak peak at what we can expect from this Godzilla GTR right off of production.  We will get more of a vision on features, price, and overall user feedback and vision.  And of course, we all are looking forward to further upgrades and modifications that GT-R enthusiasts (and Nismo enthusiasts alike) will be performing on their 2015 Nismo edition of the R35.   Nissan GT-R enthusiasts in Europe will be very excited that the Nissan GTR Nismo Super Car will be available for sale at various countries throughout Europe; except, it is anticipated that a release will not occur until Late Fall of the 2014 year… giving Japan a large jump start on any other country (considered ground zero on production).  The United States will also be getting their opportunity to purchase the Nismo GT-R late fall of 2014; and there is already a very large demand and trend of excitement surrounding this model.

Japan:  End of February 2014

United States:  End of September 2014 (anticipated release)

Europe: End of September 2014 (anticipated release)

Australia: Yet to be announced

Middle East/Asia: Yet to be announced

Of course, many other countries around Eastern and Western Asia are keeping tabs on R35 Nismo updates, as well as Australia.  Not many can afford this super car, and production is expected to cap out at nearly 1000 units (maybe far less).  Sales and Purchasing opportunities for many may be limited to personally importing the Nismo GT-R into your port of country (with all the associated fees and time to deliver, register, etc).

It is expected that the limited edition Nismo model will bring a vast and largely popular enthusiast following, with owners tweaking appearance and engine modifications to potentially perform at 1300+ horsepower.  The limits are very few for Track or Drag competitions, and we all anticipate a future nismo GT-R in 2016 and beyond. At the price, lucky purchasers are going to be few and far between, and limited demand will bring special orders to local areas.  Surely, Nissan dealerships will want to showcase this R35 super car when available in select countries. Import Car shows will be taken to an entirely new level and competition will be stiff when showcasing against this Godzilla.  If you’re lucky enough to see or take a ride, that may be as close as you ever come to owning a 2015 Nissan GT-R Nismo Skyline R35.

A few Pictures of the 2015 Nissan GTR Nismo Skyline in Brilliant White Pearl Exterior Color Scheme:

2015 Nissan GTR Nismo European Spec Brilliant White Pearl2015 Nissan GTR Nismo European Spec Brilliant White Pearl2015 Nissan GTR Nismo European Spec Brilliant White Pearl

Nissan GTR Nismo European Spec Brilliant White PearlNissan GTR Nismo European Spec Brilliant White PearlNissan GTR Nismo European Spec 07  Nissan GT R Nismo European Spec

GTR Nismo European Spec 08 -Nissan GT R Nismo European SpecNissan GTR Nismo European Spec 10 570x380 Nissan GT R Nismo European SpecNissan GTR Nismo European Spec 11 570x380 Nissan GT R Nismo European Spec

Nissan GTR Nismo European Spec 12 570x380 Nissan GT R Nismo European SpecNissan GTR Nismo European Spec 14 570x380 Nissan GT R Nismo European SpecNissan GTR Nismo European Spec 15 570x380 Nissan GT R Nismo European Spec

For those of you who are not familiar with Nismo; here are a few highlights:

  • Nismo: short form of “Nissan Motorsports,”a performance brand for Nissan, “innovation that excites.”
  • Nismo offers products featuring innovative technology & high performance to a large range of customers for street use.
  • Nismo cars provide an exciting driving experience with motorsports-inspired aerodynamics, styling, enhanced handling quality and agility.
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